Continuous integration & continuous delivery (CI/CD)In the dynamic world of software engineering, ContinuousIntegration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) are essential for accelerating thedevelopment lifecycle, explores how the implementation of DevOps,combined with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), can radicallytransform efficiency and quality in the software development process.DevOps & CI/CD It is fundamental in software development, enabling swift and […]

What is Docker? Docker is an open source platform that allows developers to create, deploy, run, and manage containers, which are standardized, executable components that combine application source code with the operating system (OS) dependencies and libraries needed to run. said code in any environment. How Docker works Docker uses a layering model to organize […]

What is a Neural Network? Neural networks, a type of machine learning algorithm inspired by the functioning of the human brain, are made up of a series of interconnected nodes, each of which represents a neural network. Nodes are connected to each other by links, which represent synaptic connections between biological neurons.They are used in […]

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